Horny Lesbian Roommates Masturbating

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lesbian college girls

What happens when four very hot, college-age girls live together for a whole year in a dorm? They start to get the hots for each other of course. And these three brunettes and a blonde are no exception; after seeing their roommates getting undressed and dressed all that time, it was inevitable that a full-on lesbian orgy was going to explode. All it took was a dare, and these girls were making out and rubbing their hot bodies over each other like a bunch of horny sluts. Well, they are of course. And it’s all here on camera for you to enjoy!

Lesbian Dorm Sex

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Dare Dorm Sex Pictures

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dare dorm sex

A bunch of hot co-eds decided to throw a party, which isn’t all that strange. To make things different, they and their friends put on blindfolds. It was the perfect excuse to start making out with everyone, especially the other girls! Of course it wasn’t long after that the clothes started coming off with the blindfolds and a full on orgy developed. That’s when we get to see what the co-eds are really learning in college: how to fuck hard and get fucked even harder. There’s MMF, FFM, and any other combination you can think of involving horny dudes and hot college chicks.

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Real College Dare Sex

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real college dare

College is a time for fun and learning. There are plenty of things these girls and boys learn when they get to their college dorms. They especially learn how to fuck and get people off. These students want to excel at all their studies so they take extra time to study together. They find games to help them study. They excel at anatomy and human sexuality. They all know what it takes to make a hard dick cum. The nasty college girls are experts at getting their pussies fucked and helping their friends get fucked as well. They know the only way to pass is to study in a group and there is nothing like a group fuck to get prepared.

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Party Girls Dorm Sex

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dare dorm party

It is a hot and horny party at the dorm as the young college girls with the really sexy bodies get fucked hard by the horny college boys. The girls dress each other up in Mardi Gras outfits and dance around the dorm room showing off their nice little white asses and perky young tits. The hot blonde girl has some nice full tits and she ends up getting fucked hard doggy style by the ripped young white dude. It’s a group bang as all the horny college girls and guys get fucked after a wild night on campus.

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College Student GF Threesome Video

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college girlfriend porn
There are some guys that are willing to work with their fellow woman to ensure she understands her full potential. These college students are there to get a higher education and a higher education they will get. There are some girls that need extra help in getting a full understanding of the opportunities that await them in college and some men are happy to help. They offer their dorm rooms, beds and hard dicks to teach them how much fucking they can do in a night. They are even willing to let their friends join in and get fucked and sucked too. College is a time for learning and these students are willing to stay up all night for their education, fucking and sucking.

College Girlfriend Porn

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More DareDorm Porn Vandals

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daredorm bathroom vandals

This Dare Dorm video called Bathroom Vandals is the closest thing to crazy fun you can get. Two hot blondes catch a guy on the toilet and get him on camera. He’s pissed, but obviously they make up very quickly. One gets his dick sucked by a hot brunette. The others each gets a hot girl to ride their cock up and down. In the end, everyone has forgotten about it and is focusing on their orgasm. Dare Dorm is filled with group sex and fun pranks. Everyone is drunk and having a good time, and that’s just the way college should be!

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College Sex Threesome Dare

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college sex threesome

This Dare Dorm gallery is about a group of teen girls that get the evil idea to trash the bathroom while a guy is busy taking a crap. They throw things around and completely trash the place, while getting the guy on camera. They quickly run out, trying to get back to the dorm. The guys try to get the girls back, but they end up getting naked and having some drunken sex instead. They couldn’t resist how cute and sexy the girls were, so they forgot all about it. Giving those college hotties a good fucking was revenge enough.

College Dare Dorm

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College Coeds Drunk Dare

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daredorm drunk girls

Time for more fun in the Dare Dorm! These uninhibited college coeds are drunk and ready to get dirty for the net to see. When the dares start flying the clothes do too and soon everyone is fucking in every corner of the room. The best part? These lads and ladies are 100% real college kids, who were so eager to show how wild and crazy they can get that they filmed themselves getting down and dirty and submitted it to Dare Dorm, where you can see this video and hundreds of other college porn videos at the click of a button!

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Wild College Sex Party

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college rules

It’s the aftermath of a wild college sex ranch party and some of the partygoers have decided to go back and clean up the mess they made at the ranch. Once they get there though they decide to have a little fun as some of the girls take off their tops showing off their nice tits. Two of the sexy brunettes pull one of the male helpers aside and give him a very sensual two girl blowjob. One of the girls wears an erotic pair of glasses as she takes the college boys dick into her mouth and sucks him long and hard in this college porn.

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College Porn Dare Dorm Videos

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In this episode of Dare Dorm’s college porn series two sexy college girls dance in nothing but bra and panties in their dorm room, gossiping about other girls and boys in their dorm, before engaging in a little dare. They invite a boy over for a little lap dance, followed by a lot of dorm sex. After a sexy blow job from one girl, the girls take turns getting fucked every which way by their new found friend, who gladly fills both of their sexy bodies with his hard cock in this college sex session. Trust me, you are going to love this Dare Dorm video!

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